Pedestrian Counts

In the past, Downtown Portland Clean & Safe has engaged with partners to conduct pedestrian counts in Downtown Portland over a three-day period, two times a year. Now using data to monitor traffic and visit trends 24-hours a day, Clean & Safe has expanded its pedestrian count research to look at the entire 213-block district.

2023 Pedestrian Counts in Downtown Portland

Twice a year, Downtown Portland Clean & Safe takes a deeper dive and looks at foot traffic and the number of visits for the whole district as well as individual intersections in the Downtown area using The prevailing trend is one of growth, with increased year-over-year foot traffic growth of 10% for the total 2023 year, when compared to 2022. Notable was the 40% increase in foot traffic in January 2023 and then a sustained growth of 5%-10% for most other months from 2022.

2023 Foot Traffic results