come together downtown

Ariel view of Downtown Portland.

Welcome to Downtown Portland!

A hotbed of innovation and economic growth. A center of culture and creativity. A gathering place for Portlanders and visitors. Downtown Portland — one of the city’s most welcoming and lively areas — packs a whole lot of personality into a diverse, dynamic and energizing hub.

There’s a good reason why visitors and locals alike come together downtown. The accessible public transportation system, bike lanes, pedestrian-friendly walkways and green park space make it easy for everyone to explore this community. And a coalition of passionate people and organizations work seven days a week to keep downtown a place we’re all proud of.

Business owners, downtown ambassadors, safety and cleaning crews: We all love Downtown Portland, and we’re pretty sure you will, too. But why take our word for it? Head this way to see why Downtown Portland is the heart of this city.

Seven Pop-Up Shops are popping in downtown

Just in time for the holiday shopping season!

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Do business

What do independent boutiques, big-name brands and cutting-edge startups have in common? They’re all in downtown — and for a supportive, business-centered location, you’ll want to be here, too. With tax-free shopping, plenty of parking and a public transportation system that reaches all corners of the city, Downtown Portland is an economic hub.

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Because we Care

The Downtown Portland Clean & Safe District collaborates with local businesses, residents and community groups to provide the essential services that help our city thrive. By working together, we ensure this 213-block area in the city center remains a vibrant meeting place to shop, dine, explore and live.