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The Downtown Portland Clean & Safe District provides extraordinary essential services to the people, places and businesses within a core 213-block area of our unique city. Operating since 1988, the district is one of the oldest, largest and most successful enhanced service districts in the nation.

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Property owners within the district pay a fee to raise money that supplements publicly-financed services for neighborhood improvement including cleaning, security, market research and retail advocacy.

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The Downtown Portland Clean & Safe District funds:

  • Downtown Portland Clean & Safe Program, which provides cleaning, security and visitor information.
  • Downtown Retail Program, which focuses on market research, retail advocacy, and marketing and communications.


The History

Originally founded in 1988 as an informal group of downtown property owners and managers, the Downtown Portland Clean & Safe District was later formalized in city code in 1991.

The district underwent several renewals in the 1990s before Portland City Council decided to renew the district every 10 years in 2001.

Our Team

Meet the individuals committed to overseeing the Downtown Portland Clean & Safe District, and its essential programs and services.

Meet the Team

Get involved

There are many ways to support the work of Downtown Portland Clean & Safe. If you are a downtown restaurateur, hotelier or retailer, consider joining our Downtown Retail Council. Or, if you want to lend your voice to help impact public policy priorities consider joining the Central City Standing Committee.

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Our Partners

The work of the Downtown Portland Clean & Safe District could not be accomplished without the collaboration of our partners.

Thank you to our important partners:

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