Eclectic footwear finds a home in Downtown Portland 

Tucked into the corner of 875 SW Yamhill Street, you can hear the music beckoning you to the brightly-lit pop-up shop. Tabbisocks is indeed open for business.  

Greeted by smiles and warmth by Founder Maarlie Wada and Creative Director, Caroline Cornell, entering PDX Pop-Up’s newest holiday pop-up, Tabbisocks, takes you on a magical ride of bright, whimsical socks with fun icons of ramen, sushi, anime, including kimonos, face masks leg warmers, sheer shocks, and ninja socks for yourself or your person (or people) for the holidays.    

“We never had a store, and we wanted to get a real reaction of Portlanders, “says Caroline. “Our products are from Japan, and we want to spread the word about Japanese craftsmanship. The material is organic cotton and non-toxic botanical dye made in Nara City, Japan, known for having over 100 years of history. “Japanese take off their shoes when we enter a house, so we care about socks.”    

With a true calling to give back to the environment, Tabbisocks sticks to ordering small batches of products that are not wasteful, especially operating a business during the COVID pandemic. “Everybody wanted to be cozy during the pandemic, so many people thought about socks, and we started making socks cozier for people at home.”   

In addition to the devastation of COVID, a few months later, the west coast was severely affected by wildfires. Tabbisocks went into full effect by producing Oregon, California, and Washington-themed socks, and any pair purchased went towards re-planting a new tree to replace a tree destroyed in the fires. Tabbisocks hopes to inspire and expand tree planting in other countries as well. Tabbisocks, the gift that keeps on giving!   


Location: 875 SW Yamhill Street  

Open: November 16, 2021 – December 31, 2021. Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day).  

>>>FREE PARKING in SmartPark Parking Garages on Sundays leading up to the Christmas Holiday (November 28, Dec 5, Dec 12, + Dec 19th) Sidewalk Ambassadors will be passing out parking validation stickers between noon – 5 PM. The location of the Sidewalk Ambassadors is tentatively scheduled at Directors Park. These are ONLY for the SmartPark Parking Garages.