Retail store is open for business

Apply Now for a Downtown Retail Grant

Downtown Portland Clean & Safe is thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for retailers looking to establish a lasting presence in Downtown Portland and Old Town.

Downtown Portland Clean & Safe will be awarding four grants, three at $20,000 and one grant at $15,000, to eligible retailers who commit to at least a one-year lease. Awardees will receive half of the funds when the business signs its new lease and the remaining funds once the retail store opens.

This new initiative aims to help revitalize and invigorate the diversity of retail offerings within the Downtown Portland Clean & Safe District. We are committed to creating a more vibrant and inclusive business community and will prioritize minority and woman-owned retail businesses.

Qualifications & Parameters:

  • Retailers must sign a one-year lease in the Downtown Portland Clean & Safe District (see district map)
  • Applicant must attach a business plan, including a 12-month cash flow forecast
  • Business must be a locally owned small business
  • New and returning retail stores to Downtown are welcome to apply
  • Businesses must have a federal tax ID number and be registered in the State of Oregon
  • This program is only for street-level retail spaces
  • Funding can only be used for tenant improvements or marketing. Funds can not be used for inventory, payroll, or owner salary
  • No franchises
  • No business service industries and healthcare
  • Sorry, we are unable to fund cannabis, liquor stores, or tobacco stores