Portland City Hall building

A note about Portland’s camping ban

On July 7, Portland’s camping ban (Time/Place/Manner Ordinance) took effect. This ordinance limits camping on public property between the hours 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. along with several other provisions. Enforcement of this new camping ban will not begin immediately.

The city is currently using the summer to educate people on the street about this change and will make a formal public announcement in the coming months when they will begin enforcement of this new ordinance. Once enforcement begins, the Portland Police Bureau will have sole jurisdiction on enforcement of this ordinance.

Since this new camping ban took effect, Downtown Portland Clean & Safe’s dispatch number has fielded many questions and concerns about enforcement of this new ordinance. We DO NOT have authority to enforce any scope related to this new City of Portland ordinance. While our team interacts and offers resources and assistance to individuals experiencing houselessness every day, we refer any criminal activity directly to the Portland Police Bureau. Our role is to provide enhanced cleaning and public safety assistance to the people, places and businesses within the 213-blocks of our Enhanced Services District. The City of Portland has sole jurisdiction to address illegal camping on public property. 

If you any questions or concerns about this new ordinance, below are several resources: