DPC&S Announces a Request for Proposal for its Safety Program

We acknowledge and value the time required to submit a complete and thorough RFP, and we thank you for your interest and proposal. Proposal submissions will be accepted through Wednesday, April 20th at 5:00pm.

Organization Background
Downtown Portland Clean & Safe provides extraordinary services to the people, places, and businesses within a core 213-block area of the City of Portland. Operating since 1988, the Enhanced Services District is one of the oldest, largest, and most successful enhanced service districts in the nation.

The Downtown Services Program includes:

  • The Downtown Clean & Safe Program of Public Safety, Janitorial, Community Health Outreach, and Sidewalk Ambassadors.
  • The Downtown Retail Development Program of Retail Retention and Recruitment, Market Research, Promotions, Communications, and Holiday Lighting.
  • The Downtown Economic Development Program of Business and Economic Development.

Additional services include but are not limited to: City and County Advocacy for policies that prioritize improvements to livability, increased safety, business sustainability that supports key partners to bolster the retail ecosystem, and collaborating with partners for an equitable city.

The Public Safety Program
In an effort to achieve Downtown Portland Clean and Safe’s vision of a safe and vibrant City for all
who work, live and visit Portland, we contract with a private security vendor to provide services
required under the Public Safety Program throughout the ESD, in partnership with the Portland
Police Bureau and the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office.

Additionally, Public Safety Program services are provided to Portland Mall Management Inc.
(PMMI), a unique private/public sector non-profit organization charged with maintaining all
aspects of the Portland Transit Mall infrastructure and overseeing supplemental cleaning and
security services along the entire length of 5th and 6th avenues in Downtown Portland, as well as
the LRT Loop.

DPC&S is contracted to provide services in support of PMMI’s ongoing objective to keep the
Portland Transit Mall an attractive place for businesses, pedestrians, and transit customers by
providing security and cleaning services as well as maintaining the physical asset in an “asconstructed” condition.

Through this Request for Proposal, the DPC&S team, is soliciting competitive proposals for the provision of safety and security for the Public Safety Program within the following areas:

  • The Enhanced Services District (ESD), which consists of 213 blocks in Downtown
  • The Portland Transit Mall on 5th and 6th Avenues from SW Jackson Street, to NW Irving
  • The Light Rail Transit Loop (LRT) encompassing SW Morrison and Yamhill Street from 1st Avenue between SW Yamhill Street and NW Everett Street.

DPC&S will award an exclusive contract to the successful Proposer according to the required Public Safety services and provisions detailed within the RFP. For complete details on the contract expectations, please refer to the Statement of Work section found in the RFP document which can be accessed below:


Submittal Requirements
Proposals submitted in response to the RFP will be evaluated by comparing the quality, completeness, and competitiveness of the proposal against the criteria listed in the Evaluation Criteria section of the RFP and the needs of DPC&S. To facilitate evaluation, please make sure to include a Table of Contents and organize your proposal as outlined under section 4.0 Submittal Requirements And Evaluation Criteria. 

The proposer must address each element clearly and concisely to be eligible for achieving maximum points. DPC&S will also perform independent research and internet-based search to learn about the proposers from publicly available data as well as contact relevant partner agencies (PPB, DPSST, Multnomah County D.A., etc.) to verify collaborative and credible history of conduct.

Contact Information
We acknowledge and value the time required to submit a complete and thorough RFP, and we thank you for your interest and proposal. Please submit all complete proposals and questions directly to Executive Director Downtown Portland Clean & Safe, Mark Wells at mwells@portlandalliance.com.