Aerial shot of Downtown Portland

Community Listening Session for Downtown Portland Clean & Safe – 6/29

Residents of downtown Portland were invited to join a community listening session co-hosted by Downtown Portland Clean & Safe and City of Portland staff to shape a new scope of work for the enhanced services district in downtown Portland.

Downtown Clean & Safe is one of three enhanced service districts in Portland. This City program allows property and business owners to form districts that fund extra services such as trash cleanup, graffiti removal and community ambassadors.

This is one of three community listening sessions held in Summer 2021 to engage stakeholders from ratepayers, residents to the businesses operating in our city’s core district.


PLEASE NOTE: While this session was open to all, only RESIDENTS of the enhanced service district were invited to speak at this particular listening session. (For boundaries of the district).

This event was co-hosted by the Downtown Retail Council, Downtown Portland Clean & Safe, Portland Business Alliance’s Central City Standing Committee, and the City of Portland.