Ankeny West Food Cart Pod

Downtown Portland Clean & Safe was able to respond to an emergency request for funding from Friends of Green Loop for the Ankeny West Food Cart Pod. 

These food cart businesses, originally part of the Alder Food Cart Pod, have been stored at the Post Office for the past two years, waiting to relocate into the Downtown Area.  As permits and funding had been secured with the City of Portland and construction neared completion, food cart owners were surprised to learn of additional unanticipated costs for re-opening their carts.  These included new gray water and plumbing systems, as well as some other re-start costs that many of these small businesses, after the challenges of the past 16-months, were struggling with.   Learning that these challenges might potentially delay the opening of the Food Cart Pod, Downtown Portland Clean and Safe’s board of directors has approved one-time funding to help these small businesses re-open, many of which are BIPOC and immigrant-owned.

Portland has long had a deep love with food carts, this is; however, the first time a pod has been successfully located on the public right away.

Food carts are an important catalyst for Portland’s small local entrepreneurs and act as the first step for many who hope to have a brick-and-mortar location or even multiple carts throughout the city.

We are thrilled to be a part of this grand opening and the significant improvements to the park and this area of Downtown.  Street murals have been painted in this space and the Grand Opening is planned for Saturday, 07/24.  There is a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 1:30 PM that the public is welcome to attend.  We hope to see you there!