Meet the new Downtown Portland Clean & Safe

Over the past year, Downtown Portland Clean & Safe has undergone a rebranding process, rooted in our love for the heart of our city and the pride for our essential services. Today, we are honored to share this new look with you.

We envision Downtown Portland as a vibrant hub of cultural, commercial and social activity. It is where you feel most alive and connected, and Downtown Portland Clean & Safe is the hard-working steward of our critical public spaces, creating an environment in which everyone feels invited to participate in the full suite of downtown’s offerings.

The Downtown Portland Clean & Safe District was founded in 1988 to provide extraordinary essential services to the people, places and businesses within a core 213-block area of our unique city. We are one of the longest-running, largest and most successful enhanced service districts (ESDs) in the country.

How did we get to where we are today? After a competitive selection process and months of close collaboration with our board of directors, staff and the talented team at ThinkShout, a digital design agency located in Old Town Chinatown, we landed on a versatile approach to highlight our beautiful city and the essential services that make it all possible.

Our vision is to keep Portland’s downtown vibrant and welcoming to visitors, workers and residents alike. This revitalized brand establishes a consistent, strategic, recognizable identity for the work we do in support of that vision.

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Explore the new Downtown Portland Clean & Safe