About Us

The Downtown Portland Marketing Initiative is an innovative public/private partnership dedicated to promoting the vitality of downtown Portland.

In spring 2006, Mayor Tom Potter gathered public and private partners to create what has now become the DMI. He, along with others in City Council, recognize the importance of a healthy downtown.

Short term, future development to benefit downtown will bring on construction and related issues. To mitigate those issues, a marketing effort is one aspect of a multi-pronged approach to keep downtown, and its merchants/organizations, healthy. Other efforts include Portland Development Commission (PDC) loan programs and technical assistance for affected businesses.

Long term, City of Portland efforts, along with the PDC, TriMet and multiple private sector developers, are infusing downtown with the largest development programs in its history, including a $200 million Portland Mall Light Rail Project, a significant upgrade to the just completed Macy’s flagship downtown store, and many other projects.

DMI partners are: Building Owners & Managers Association, City of Portland, Downtown Retail Council, Mall Management Group, Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland Business Alliance, Portland Development Commission, Portland Department of Transportation, Travel Portland, Portland State University, and TriMet.

The initiative launched the “Explore the Original” campaign, in conjunction with marketing firm North.

For information on the Downtown Marketing Initiative or Portland Dining Month, contact Courtney Ries at 503.275.9784.