2021 Golden Egg Hunt: join in the hunt for Gold!

Golden Eggs that is. Downtown Portland invites YOU to join the hunt for some magical Golden Eggs hidden throughout the Downtown Portland area on April 8th, 9th, & 10th.

(Portland, Ore.) Downtown Portland encourages you to join the hunt for magical Golden Eggs hidden throughout Downtown Portland beginning today and through the weekend (April 8, 9, & 10). 

What: Clues to the Egg locations are posted at 11:45 a.m. each day of the hunt. The first person or group to find the Golden Egg keeps the egg and wins the Explorer Package. Participants are required to wear masks and, if entering a business, must follow any directions for hand sanitation or social distancing needed for the venue or site. Participants can only win once. Selected packages will require a 21+ ID card 

When: TODAY! Thursday, April 8 through Sunday, April 11  

Where: To find clues, visit Downtown Portland’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels  

Who: The Downtown Explorer Package is full of gift cards and other items from Downtown retailers, restaurants, and hotels. 

Why: Win free prizes and help us support local businesses. 


Downtown Marketing Initiative 

The Downtown Marketing Initiative is a program of the Portland Business Alliance, Greater Portland’s Chamber of Commerce, that promotes downtown Portland to the greater Portland metro region. Established in 2006, the program is funded by a percentage of SmartPark revenue through the City of PortlandMarketing programs include holiday promotional efforts, robust social media messaging, events and programming, seasonal cooperative retail and restaurant promotions, and public relations campaigns to promote downtown businesses. Businesses may participate in the program at no charge. Visit: DowntownPortland.org for more information.

Downtown Portland Clean & Safe 
The Downtown Portland Clean & Safe District provides essential services to the people, places, and businesses within a core 213-block area of our unique city. Operating since 1988, this local nonprofit is one of the oldest, largest, and most successful enhanced service districts in the nation. Visit DowntownPortland.org for more information. 


For more information contact: 

Sommer Martin 

Director, Downtown Marketing 

Portland Business Alliance 

(503) 552-6772  


Day 1 hints:

Clue #1 This location brings awakening A city treasure most enlightening Arise harmony Blooms eternally A gift from Suzhou we are channeling

Clue #2 This shop might carry bone cells Crystals stronger than barbells A treasure trove of meteorites Maybe even from lapita sites Beautiful amber cartels

Clue #3 No, it is not that kind of see food Instead, it is ocean imbued Oysters sustainable PARK view tables attainable Leaves us all feeling renewed

Clue #4 Luxurious central and urban The bar carries the finest in bourbon Portland penny’s adorn Stay overnight and be reborn They will do well in Portland we are certain

Day 2 hints: TBA

Day 3 hints: TBA